I am Mummy, hear me roar!

I am Sabrina Bazley, creator and founder of Sing O Lingo classes and children's entertainment. 7 years ago an idea was born, as was my first child Bella. I decided going back to my endless days and nights, working as an events project manager was not what I wanted to do anymore. I had entered a new phase in my life, motherhood. Good grief, no one said it was going to change me in so many ways. I tried to embrace the changes and create a little company I could run, whilst still being a stay at home mummy, whatever that really means, now a days. Spanish and French language lessons were the first of the now 5 very specialist classes I run in Godalming for the public as well as within 2 nurseries in town. After languages I created Laugh & Learn, for the pre-schoolers and Rise & Shine for all the fidgets out there. Finally and my very most favourite of the bunch Crazy Cooking, for little budding chefs and fussy eaters alike. As if that wasn't enough, I thought I would take my experiences from my past life in the hotel and entertainment business and try my hand at kids parties..... Well that has gone down a storm and still very much loving passing on my crazy nature to all the kids around. All in all I think I can say as a very proud mummy, I am doing it. Kids and a great job, groceries and a somewhat clean home, yelling but not always loosing the plot!!!


 #Mummy on a mission


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